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While ordering you choose:

- Quickest shipment method (parcel service)
- Cheapest shipment method (parcel service or forwarder)
- Pick up by the customer

Quickest shipment method means that goods are always send via parcel service. With the cheapest shipment method we will check for the cheaper method in regards to the size and weight of your order. As a thumb rule starting at 10-15 boxes a forwarder will be cheaper.

The following companies are used for the shipment options:

- Single or multi parcel shipment via parcel service DHL or UPS
- Shipment on pallet via forwarder Koch International
- Pick up by customer or by a transport company organized by you

Parcel service DHL or UPS

Within europe we use the so called europarcel from DHL or Standard Parcel from UPS. The sheduled transit time for most oft he countries is 2-3 work days in peripherie countries 3-5 working days . Transit times are not guranteed !

Germany - 6,64 Euro

Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Czech Rep - 11 €
Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Liuhania, Romania - 14,50 oder 16,50 €
Finnland, Monaco, Austria, Sweden - 12,60 €
France - 12 €
Greece, Irland - 16 oder 16,50 € depending on weight

Italy - 12,60 oder 15,50 € depending on location
Croatia, Polen, Slowakia, Slovenia - 11,80 €
Liechtenstein - 15 €
Spain - 15,50 €
Hungary - 14,50 €

Great Britain - 18 € additional customs fees may apply

Norway (We recommend larger orders on palette via forwarder)
(We recommend larger orders on palette via forwarder)
In both cases prices need to be calculated individually.

Please note that for some hard to reach areas an additional fee for so called remote areas of at least 17,50 Euro per parcel will be applied. If your address is within such a remote area you can check up here or ask us.  Should this be the case we can alternatively offer a shipment via DHL “Worldparcel”. The scheduled transit time is longer however the cost is lower than DHL “Europarcel” with remote area fee. The delivery is then done via local DHL partner.

Forwarder Koch International

The shipment on a pallet takes always longer then via parcel. The scheduled transit time depends on the shipment day. This is the case since the forwarder does not have a daily departure for each country. As a thumb rule you can take 5-10 work days as scheduled delivery time.

The prices are day rates and therefore need to be requested for each order based upon size and weight. We will provide the shipment price after consignment of the order. Consignment and getting the price may take under normal circumstances up to 24hrs. Shipment is done on a one-way pallet. For the pallet itself and packaging material we will invoice additional 12 Euros. The cost will be included within the total shipment price.

Pick up by customer

Please contact us if you would like to pick up the goods yourself. Should the pickup be done not by yourself but an instructed transport company, we need all necessary shipment documents. Please provide them fully filled out and ready for print out before the pickup via email.